What is Avente Consulting?

Avente Consulting, in partnership with UOB-SMU AEI, is SMU’s first consulting CCA which focuses on helping SMEs adapt to the changing digital landscape through implementation projects.

Why Avente?

The name Avente is derived from the Latin word “Aventus” which means “knowledge, discovery and success” and “Ante” which means “forward”.

This reflects our club’s continuous pursuit of knowledge through conducting workshops to equip student consultants with technical skills.

We also aspire to be forward thinkers to achieve growth and success through the implementation of innovative solutions for SMEs.

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Our Mission and Vision

Our Club’s mission is to be a leading business consulting club providing innovative, sustainable solutions for SMEs whilst possessing strong credentials of achievement.

Our Club’s vision is to equip students with a curious, problem solving mindset which explores digitalisation drivers through our case pedagogy. We enable these students through initiatives that target holistic personal growth.

Our CHAT values

Creating a Community of like-minded and driven individuals

Being Humble and listening to others’ opinion

Have big Ambitions and to commit wholeheartedly to achieve our goals.

Being Transparent and open to voicing opinions and giving feedback

What We Do

At Avente Consulting, we recruit highly passionate and driven students who are looking to explore the management consulting industry. After a rigorous 14 week curriculum, they are assigned to a SME client with our parent organisation, UOB-SMU Asian Enterprise Institute for a 20 week engagement or compete in a National Case Competition.

Our Avente Ecosystem

Avente Process

1. SMEs

UOB-SMU Asian Enterprise Institute (Avente’s parent organisation) works closely with SMEs and scopes out consulting projects that are implementable by SMU students.

2. Industry Partners

Avente Consulting crafts a curriculum and reaches out to industry partners to engage them as our speakers in order to equip members with members with business case solving methodologies alongside MarTech implementation knowledge.

3. SMU Students

SMU students can join Avente Consulting as a Student Consultant trainee where, upon completion of the curriculum, they become student consultants who will take on the AEI consulting projects. Alternatively, students can join as an AMP member where they will be mentored while planning, organising and executing Avente’s key flagship events.

The Engine of Avente



UOB-SMU AEI is a partnership between UOB, SMU and other local enterprises. UOB-SMU AEI is fully dedicated in providing highly subsidised consulting projects which are implementable by SMU students under the guidance of seasoned industry professionals.

Avente's Executive Committee

Avente's Executive Committee bridges the gap between AEI and SMU students by recruiting students who have an interest in consulting and preparing them for the AEI consulting projects through a planned curriculum. 

Avente Mentorship Programme

Avente Mentorship Programme

AMP is the mentorship arm that nurtures future leaders of the club. The AMP group is an essential part of the club that plan, organises and executes the key flagship events such as Avente's welfare day, case competition and networking night.