Avente's Executive Committee

The Avente executive committee works very closely with UOB-SMU AEI to run the club. Rumour has it that this is where legends are born.

2nd Exco

Presenting to you our 2nd Executive Committee! As an exco, we aim to share the power of digitalisation for SMEs with the student Body.

A good mix of Year 1 to 3s, the exco consists of three main teams – MarComms, Operations and Strat-Acad. Together, we work closely to ensure that our events are executed seamlessly with goals met.

1st Exco

Introducing the 1st Executive Committee of Avente Consulting, SMU’s first consulting club focused on implementing digitalisation solutions for SMEs. As an exco, we strive to give this fresh new club a resounding and positive voice in SMU’s student body.

The exco is made up of the Core Team, Strategic Development, Admin+Finance, and Marketing+Comms departments, and we all work together to ensure our club continually improves and reaches its goals under the guidance of our Founders.


In 2018, 2 guys were working together on a consulting project to help a client tackle business issues that came with the fast-changing digital landscape. In their journey, they realised that there was a gap between the theories learnt in school and the actual consulting and implementation of solutions that was required for such projects.