1st Executive Committee

Lim Jia De

Lim Jia De


Jia De is a final year student majoring in marketing at SMU’s School of Business. His great internship experience in SGAG as a social media analyst during his freshman year sparked an interest in marketing and business innovation in him, so when the opportunity arose to lead and build Avente (then called Martech) consulting, he heeded the call to pursue this impactful initiative, and draw on his experiences, networks and knowledge to build the club from the  ground up. Blessed with a very capable and supportive team as introduced on this page, and guided by principles such as innovation, agility, and ownership, Avente grew to be an even greater success than he could have ever hoped for. The first executive committee had successfully built a strong foundation for the club, and executed numerous initiatives and events, generating unique insights and learnings which future batches can draw upon. Jia De’s rich experiences while in Avente further ignited his passion for consulting and technology, and he has since pursued internships in Accenture, MAS and Amazon, even though there is still a little bit of SGAG left in him in the form of puns and lame jokes.

When Jia De is not crafting jokes or thinking of puns, he can be found exercising in the gym or running around the neighbourhood. Virtually, you can ping him on Xbox Live, Linkedin, and most other social channels outside of dating apps, because nobody there seems to understand when he says “let MECE you in person”.

He can be reached at: limjiadeljd@gmail.com

Maryann Se To

Vice President

Maryann is currently a final year student in SMU, majoring in Marketing and Strategic Management. Having completed her Digital Marketing internship at The Walt Disney and a Consulting internship at Accenture, she is keen to further explore marketing consultancy as her career where she finds a sweet spot for both her interests. 

In her time at SMU, she also joined SMUX Diving and Touch Rugby to stay active. Subsequently, she went on to take a role in Avente as part of the pioneer Core Team. Together with her HR director, she led an essential arm of the club – Avente Mentorship Programme (AMP) to nurture aspiring students. 

She is also an adventurer at heart and loves to try out different activities. As a diver, she loves to immerse herself in a tranquil world and hopes to show others the majestic beauty of the underwater world. Her dream as a diver is to dive with whale sharks one day. 

She loves connecting with like-minded people and she can be reached at maryannseto.2017@smu.edu.sg or @maryannseto on Telegram.


Pang Xiu Yuan

Honorary General Secretary

Xiu Yuan is currently a final year student in SMU pursuing a double major in Economics and Marketing. He is highly interested in the potential of Marketing Technology and his past internship stints includes Facebook and PWC (Martech Consulting Division).

He was part of the founding leadership team in Avente as its Honorary General Secretary and saw the club grew from an idea to a thriving community. He was crucial in pushing a few key initiatives such as Avente’s first Internal Case Competition and Avente’s CHAT values.  

Outside of Avente, Xiu Yuan started MarketingRevo, a platform dedicated to building the next generation of marketers. He enjoys watching old movies in his free time and believes The Shining to be the best horror movie of all time.

He can be reached at xypang.2017@economics.smu.edu.sg or @xiuyuanflies on Telegram for any discussion on MarketingRevo or other contenders for the best horror movie of all time.

Tan Ka Ling

Communications Director

As a big-eyed kid wandering about the world of business and its many career paths, Ka Ling was looking for a getaway from boring school curriculum and a channel to use her creativity and problem-solving skills when she stumbled upon Avente, then known as *censors embarrassing name*. Though she fondly recalls her first interaction with the first exco being a phone call to discuss the club’s potential branding whilst curled up with a high fever in her sleeping bag in rural cambodia, she has never regretted joining Avente because of its awesome and fun people who encouraged each other through thick and thin.

As someone who believes that life is full of adventure and learning, Ka Ling spends much of her free time googling random questions that pop up in her inner universe and sliding down rabbit trails to satisfy her curiousity. Other times, she enjoys making music, exploring neighbourhoods, and rock climbing.

She can be reached at: kaling.tan.2018@business.smu.edu.sg

Ka Ling

Kayler Chong

Marketing Director

Kayler is a 3rd year School of Business student majoring in Strategic Management with a keen interest in marketing strategy and brand development. In her time at SMU, Kayler contributes creatively in various school activities, bringing creative campaigns and exciting marketing ideas to life. She served as Marketing Director for Avente’s 1st Executive Committee, building and developing the brand identity from frustrating logo sketches at home and went on to chair Avente’s first SME Convention, EDGE 2019. 

Professionally, she pursued internships with YCP Solidiance and The Lo & Behold Group where her work included brand management and developing business strategies for their respective portfolios. In her free time, Kayler loves travelling and new adventures, and finds great joy in stumbling upon a thought provoking branding campaign.

Shaun Teo

Marketing Associate Director

Shaun is currently a sophomore in SMU pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management. As a first year student, Shaun discovered an interest in digital marketing through an online drop shipping store, making Avente Consulting the perfect fit. Through the club’s robust curriculum, Shaun has developed his knowledge in this field and aided a couple of Singaporean SMEs I their digital transformation efforts.

Outside of Avente, Shaun is an ex-National Youth Team footballer that is now happily retired in Sunday League. He enjoys reliving past glories on Football Manager, winning domestic and continental honours with the likes of Manchester United and Roma. He still dreams of guiding English 4th Division side Leyton Orient to the Premier League title one day.

Shaun Teo

Phoebe Tan

Strategic Development Director

Education in university has never been all about grades for Phoebe. After graduating from polytechnic and completing an internship in Customer Success at Oddle, Phoebe found her passion for people and interpersonal relationships, but felt deep down that she wasn’t ready for the working world just yet. 

Entering into SMU was an amazing gift for development and exploration, and this led her to take on multiple leadership roles, from Campus Radio Deputy Director of SMU Broadcast & Entertainment, to Vice President of AIESEC in SMU, before building Avente from ground up with the absolute A-team.

Through the ambitious year of putting our dreams for Avente into reality, the team connected Avente’s student consultants and the SMU community with incredible industry professionals from companies ranging from tech firms like Salesforce, LinkedIn & Facebook to agencies such as Ogilvy, Group M & Dentsu X. During her tenure, Phoebe also led the UOB-SMU AEI Case Competition.

Phoebe is now pursuing her passion for youth and leadership through leading an international youth-led non-profit that develops leadership in youth through cross-cultural exchange. She will be stepping up as Country Director of AIESEC in Singapore in August 2020. 

As she continues to find joy in bringing out the best in others and crafts her leadership story, feel free to contact her at phoebe.tan.2017@smu.edu.sg or drop her a Telegram message at @phoesible.  

Punnag Ghatak

Strategic Development Associate Director

Punnag is a Year Three student at SMU, majoring in Ops Analytics at SMU’s School of Business. He is deeply interested in management consulting as a career, with past internships at BCG, EY, Ogilvy and KPMG. He is interested in all things strategy and at a more basic level, problem solving. In his second term at Avente, he sees himself as the Rock Band manager, bringing the best out of his extremely talented team to further the SME support system in SMU through Avente’s Student Consultants. In his free time, he plays a lot of FIFA and battle royale games. 

Feel free to engage him in a game of FIFA or 1v1 him in fortnite. He’ll probably lose and it’ll be a good boost for you! Other than that, reach out to him to talk about breaking down problem statements and how to approach the world of consulting. 

Punnag Ghatak
Yuan Qi

Ong Yuan Qi

Human Resource Director

Yuan Qi is a penultimate student in SMU pursuing a double major in Psychology and Marketing. While trying to discover her calling career-wise, she has dabbled in a few areas such as consulting, digital marketing, public relations and most recently brand management, which she has grown to love.

As a person who can’t sit still for long, you can always find her baking with new recipes or painting from an inspired piece or trying to understand some indie film she just watched – basically, any new hobby she picked up. Always down for a good conversation, you can reach out to her at  yuanqi.ong.2017@socsc.smu.edu.sg

Giggson Tan

Finance Director

Giggson is a senior at Singapore Management University (SMU). Prior to joining Avente Consulting, he enjoys the process of working with clients and finds fulfilment in solving complex problems for them.  He sees Avente Consulting as an avenue to drive real impacts to their SME clients.

As a firm believer of giving back to the community with his skills in any possible capacity, Giggson has volunteered for initiatives including overseas community project, pro bono consulting and animal shelter during his time in SMU.

In his personal paradigm, he enjoys reading, learning smartphone photography and catching up with friends.

Feel free to reach out to him at: Giggson.tan.2017@business.smu.edu.sg



Events Director

Gillian is a penultimate business student at SMU, majoring in the areas of marketing and strategic management. With keen interest in both these areas, her ideal future career would ideally be centered around brand management and marketing strategy. 

She prides herself as someone who loves working with people and for the good of people. Her good interpersonal skills and adaptability has allowed her to draw from the strengths of others while enabling others with her own strengths, ultimately producing the best outcome.

She can be reached at: gillian.lee.2018@business.smu.edu.sg