2nd Executive Committee

Punnag Ghatak

Punnag Ghatak


Punnag is a final year student at SMU, majoring in Ops Analytics at SMU’s School of Business. He is deeply interested in management consulting as a career, with past internships at BCG, EY, Ogilvy and KPMG. He is interested in all things strategy and at a more basic level, problem solving. In his second term at Avente, he sees himself as the Rock Band manager, bringing the best out of his extremely talented team to further the SME support system in SMU through Avente’s Student Consultants. In his free time, he plays a lot of FIFA and battle royale games. 

Feel free to engage him in a game of FIFA or 1v1 him in fortnite. He’ll probably lose and it’ll be a good boost for you! Other than that, reach out to him to talk about breaking down problem statements and how to approach the world of consulting.

He can be reached at: punning.2017@business.smu.edu.sg

Haris Lim

Vice President

Haris is currently a penultimate student in SMU pursuing a major in Marketing, specialising in the field of retail & services management. He was part of Avente since its inception as a consultant trainee and moved on to taking up the position of an AMP member where he was the Operations Lead of Avente’s SME Convention, Edge 2019. The mentorship he received during his journey inspired him to give back to the community, spurring him to step up as an Exco member in the subsequent year. 

Outside of Avente, Haris is passionate about the everchanging retail landscape and enjoys participating in case competitions. He also loves writing and has written for a business publication company, SBO.sg. In his free time, he enjoys watching psychological thrillers and often ponders about whether Tom Brady will be able to win his 7th Superbowl ring.

He can be reached at harislim.2018@business.smu.edu.sg

Haris Lim

Maneesha Roy

Honorary General Secretary

Maneesha is a junior in SMU pursuing a major in Marketing Analytics. She fondly recalls how her interview for the Avente Mentorship Program (AMP) was her first successful interview after multiple rejections from other places. She believes that she has since grown immensely thanks to the guidance and encouragement from her seniors and peers. She also joined the 2nd batch of consultants in Avente consulting. 

Maneesha also enjoys reading books, particularly biographies, and engaging in conversations with her friends on alternate versions of how particular korean-dramas should have ended. She recently picked up running as a form of exercise, so if you have tips to help her along, do reach her out at maneeshav.2018@business.smu.edu.sg

Wai Siang Wong

Communications Director

Two decades ago, Wai Siang smashed his nose by leaping off his bed — all while pretending he was George of the Jungle (watch out for that tree). His imagination has birthed the wildest ideas and given him the courage to venture into the unknown.

Today, he is a sophomore at Singapore Management University, pursuing a Bachelor of Business Management after completing a Diploma in Media and Communication. As a creative and motivated individual, he enjoy all forms of interactions and would love to listen what you have to say, all over a good cup of bean juice.

He can be reached at: wswong.2019@business.smu.edu.sg

Wai Siang

Svarnim Lakhotia

Associate Communications Director

Svarnim is a sophomore at SMU, pursuing her bachelor’s in economics, with a second major in Political Science. As the youngest of three sisters, Svarnim grew up with an innate competitive streak that has driven her to push her personal boundaries. Troubled by answering “where she sees herself in the next 10 years”, she made it a point to ensure she explores various industries in the remainder of her academic years. Within the first two years of her undergraduate journey, Svarnim has explored the Singapore startup scene, rode the fintech wave, and has now ventured into Digital Consulting. On weekends, you’ll either find her recording and editing personal films, baking exotic recipes she found on Pinterest, or in the middle of a heated game of Monopoly.

As a driven individual who is passionate about entrepreneurship and community-building, Svarnim believes in the power of leveraging technology as a tool to close for closing the global digital divide. She works best when she is challenged, which makes her adaptive in a dynamic environment and drives her passion for learning.

She can be reached at: svarniml.2018@economics.smu.edu.sg

Samantha Teresa

Marketing Director

Born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia, Samantha grew up with creative personas around her. Her grandmother was an artist; her parents loved to go to museums and art exhibitions; her sister was a cartoonist – and all these personas indirectly cultivated her love for the arts. 

As she grew up however, she began to love the idea of entrepreneurship. Without having to choose between the arts or entrepreneurship, she realized that marketing was a perfect combination of both. NSTLGIA, an online bakery she established at the young age of 15, was an expression of her love for both – and her first time venturing to digital marketing.

Upon pursuing a degree in SMU, she also started to be interested in marketing analytics, which she later learned to be a crucial part in marketing. To further hone her skills, she took up as many internships as she could, ranging from financial institutions where things were strict, to startups where responsibilities were ambiguous. After having a glimpse of marketing in various fields, there was one thing she knew for sure – marketing was the perfect fit for her; challenging enough to keep her grow, yet interesting enough to keep her creative and business avenues alive.

Hard-working yet flexible, broad-thinking yet focused, she lives by the saying “One day, or day one”. A student, an avid reader, a patisserie-enthusiast, a lifelong-learner and most undoubtedly an aspiring marketer – whatever she does is a cultivation of this belief.

She can be reached at: samanthat.2017@business.smu.edu.sg

Samantha Teresa

Chloe Lee

Associate Marketing Director

Chloe is a sophomore at Singapore Management University pursuing a bachelor degree in Business Management with an interest in the field of branding and marketing. As a driven individual, she is not afraid to take up new challenges and continues to push herself out of her comfort zone. 

Outside of Avente, Chloe enjoys hanging out with her friends and watching sappy movies. She is also a huge fan of DIY items and loves to make her own earrings and pottery.

She can be reached at: chloelee.2019@business.smu.edu.sg

Gregory Png

Academic Partnerships Director

Gregory is a Sophomore at the Singapore Management University pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management. His first encounter with e-commerce came at the age of 19, riding on the wave of dropshipping and scouring Ali Express for the next best product to market on Facebook. 

He has since deepened his knowledge in the field of digital marketing and is currently a freelance digital marketing consultant for a small handful of SME’s in Singapore. Reach out to him to geek out about all things ads, brand strategy, politics and coffee.

He can be reached at: gregory.png@business.smu.edu.sg

Donald Ong

Donald Ong

Strategic Development Director

Donald is currently a penultimate year student in SMU pursuing a major in Finance with an interest in management consulting and business operations. Prior to joining Avente Consulting, Donald had the opportunity to serve as a student consultant for various organizations, where he discovered an interest in consulting and helping companies unlock value.

Outside of Avente, Donald is passionate about filmmaking and music. He is also a freelance filmmaker specializing in the wedding industry. Donald also enjoys keeping up to date with industry trends, especially in the finance sector.

If you happen to chance upon beautiful PowerPoint templates, please send them over at: donald.ong.2018@business.smu.edu.sg

Aung Min Hein

Strat-Acad Liaison Associate Director

Young at heart (and in person), Min is always looking for opportunities to learn, grow and push his boundaries. So when the chance to serve Avente came along, he jumped at it. Since then, he has developed an even keener interest in management consulting and is extremely eager to continue equipping himself with the necessary skills. Currently a sophomore at Singapore Management University, Min learns both in and outside of the classroom, wherever and whenever he can.

Outside of Avente, Min is passionate about starting his own Business one day back in Myanmar. Connecting to his roots, he currently serves as President of the SMU Myanmar Community. He also enjoys keeping up to date with current affairs and is always happy to engage in friendly debates.

He can be reached at: mhaung.2019@business.smu.edu.sg

Benedict Cheng

Benedict Cheng

Finance Director

Benedict is currently a penultimate student in SMU pursuing a Bachelor’s in Accountancy. He has a keen interest in the Banking and Finance industry, and strongly believes that a club like Avente will provide him with a platform to hone his teamwork and interpersonal skills which are crucial for any industry.

Besides Avente, Benedict is part of a team of curators who manages Nuggets of Wisdom. It is a platform dedicated to knowledge sharing and acquisition. Benedict also has a soft side to him and enjoys volunteering. He can be seen weekly at community centers mentoring youth and befriending the elderly.

He can be reached at: twcheng.2018@accountancy.smu.edu.sg

Adrian Poh

People Strategy Director

Currently a Sophomore in Singapore Management University, Adrian is currently pursuing his degree in Information Systems BSc, specializing in Digital Business Solutioning. He started off as a 2nd batch Student Consultant in Avente, and the passion to explore more into the fields of consulting motivated him to run for as an Exco Member during his term as a Consultant while contributing back to the club. 

Adrian is also part of SMU Samba Masala, SMU’s resident Afro-Brazilian percussion group that aims to bring the music to both local and international stages. With his strong interest in the fields of Technology and Information Systems, he aims to ride on the waves of transformation and seeks continuous self-improvement in his area of studies while striving to the best of his abilities in work or play.

He can be reached at: adrian.poh.2019@sis.smu.edu.sg


Kingston Lim

Events Director

Kingston is currently a sophomore student at SMU pursuing his degree in Business Management. He is fueled by his passion for understanding the nuance of strategies as a digital marketer. He considers himself a student forever, eager to build on his academic foundations in events and marketing, and stays in tune with the latest business trend and strategies through continued coursework.

Kingston is also a huge fan of lion dance and has been actively involved since he was young. His love for the performance, plus witnessing a dwindling interest among people his age, transformed him from a fan and participant to wanting to be part of keeping the tradition alive.

He can be reached at: kingstonlim.2019@business.smu.edu.sg