First Batch Training Curriculum - Jan 2019

Week 1

In our inaugural workshop, ROAS Media took us through a hands-on session focused on content curation, ad spending and performance measurement.

Week 2

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) specialists Hubspot took us through a session onboard their platform to showcase the importance of CRM and optimising one’s marketing strategy throughout a sales funnel.

Week 3

Building on the content from Weeks 1 and 2, Salesforce focused on post-sale CRM while Facebook covered end-to-end campaign ad management.

Week 4

Week 4 saw Accenture introduce a consulting framework, rounded off with Isentia covering several digital marketing strategies.

Week 5

Week 5’s session saw Happy Marketer exposing prospective student consultants to the different dimensions and metrics Google Analytics has to offer, before guiding them through its many practical functionalities through interactive demos.

Week 6

In Week 6, Group M, one of the world’s largest media agencies taught student consultants the fundamentals of SEO with hands-on practice on the Google Search Console.

Week 7

The capstone of the seven-week curriculum is an interactive workshop showcasing the importance of effective data visualisation with Excel.