Second Batch Training Curriculum - Aug 2019

Week 1

Si Partners

SI Partners, a global M&A advisory and growth consultancy firm gave our student consultants useful project management tips and equipped them with interview skills to kickstart our core curriculum. 

Week 2

Ogilvy Consulting

Oglivy Consulting covered consulting frameworks and the basis of digitalisation in organisations which are essential foundations for helping SMEs boost their businesses.

Week 3

dentsu x

Dentsu X, one of the world’s biggest media agencies, with its Singapore office flexing major accounts like Disney Studios SEA and NTUC Income helped our student consultants understand more about digital marketing strategy fundamentals.

Week 4

The capstone of the seven-week curriculum is an interactive workshop showcasing the importance of effective data visualisation with Excel.

Week 5

Skyscanner Logo

In week 5, consultants broke out into specific Data Analysis tracks and Digital Marketing tracks. Both tracks started with understanding how powerful data is today and the evolution of marketing.

Week 6

BCG Digital Ventures
Google Logo

Consultants learnt about customer acquisition through search and digital marketing tips on how to establish that perfect match with customers for brands.

Week 7

Google Logo

Following week 6’s session, consultants underwent a hands-on session to learn the right mental frameworks before launching a facebook Ad and brainstormed for different types of data sources under various scenarios.

Week 8


In week 8, consultants had the opportunity to try a step-by-step tutorial of using power BI and learnt a framework for content marketing.

Week 9


To wrap up our last session, our consultants learn about basic python coding and omni channel marketing.