End of Year Networking Night: Genesis 2019

End of Year Networking Night: Genesis 2019
EOY Networking

Adapt & Overcome: Digitalisation as a Change Driver for Management Consulting

Avente Consulting proudly presents our End of Year Networking Night: Genesis 2019! 

Genesis drives further attention to Avente’s digital adoption message. The theme for this event is ‘Adapt and Overcome: Digitalisation as a Change Driver for Management Consulting’.

Besides being solely a networking night and panel discussion with partners from McKinsey & Company, Bain & Company, Oracle etc, we took the opportunity to thank all our stakeholders who have made Avente Consulting possible.  

Appreciation Segment for our Consultant-Trainees & 1st Executive Committee

Time for a little heart to heart. For a young and growing club established in January 2019, we are humbled by the tremendous support from everyone that made the successes of 2019 possible. The appreciation segment for our pioneer Executive Committee and Consultant-Trainees marked the end of their one year journey in Avente. However, it also marks the beginning of being part of our bigger family – Avente Alumni.

We would also like to thank UOB-SMU Asian Enterprise Institute (AEI) for being supportive towards our events and believing in our mission despite being a new club. A huge shout out to our supportive team:

  • Dr Ang Ser Keng – Director 
  • Vera Tan Siew Cheng – Senior Assistant Director
  • Chen Shan Shan – Manager
  • Lina Lee – Manager
  • Jennifer Leow Suyu – Manager
  • Eneida Tan Zhen Lin – Executive


Pioneer Executive Committee, together with UOB-SMU AEI


Pioneer Batch of Consultant-Trainees

Highlights of 2019

Our outgoing President, Jia De shared about the highlights of our events in 2019 and also thanked our Pioneer Executive Committee for their hard work and dedication. At Avente, we encouraged our Executive Committee members to have bold and adventurous ideas to engage the SMU community. Our 1st Executive Committee have always given their best in their roles and we would like to extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation for all of their hard work. We are proud of both the club’s and our Executive Committee’s growth. 

With the new year, our new President, Punnag and the members of the 2nd Executive Committee will step up to continue to equip students with relevant digital skills through a thorough curriculum to better serve SMEs and provide implementable solutions. We are confident that the 2nd Executive Committee will continue to strive for success and improvement for the club.


Outgoing President, Lim Jia De


Incoming President, Punnag Ghatak

Panel Discussion & Networking Session

Many of our members were also able to gain fresh insights from a panel discussion on how large companies are adapting and adopting digital. Additionally, there was also organisational sharing on the challenges faced, new strategies adopted and advantages gained from digital strategies.

Ending our finale night was a networking session with our partners from Capgemini, PwC, Salesforce etc. We were honoured for our partners to share valuable tips to help our students widen their perspectives

Wrapping Up 2019

With that, we would like to wrap up 2019 with our major event highlights and we thank everyone for their continuous support. We look forward to introduce new initiatives in 2020 to value-add to our Student-Consultants and SMU Community. Cheers!

A Huge Thank You to Everyone!

We would like to thank the event chairs, department heads, organising committee, and 1st Avente Exco who put this event together for us to bring together students, our valued partners and industry experts to explore opportunities, learn, and engage in exciting discussions on adapting and adopting digital solutions.

Genesis 2019 Chair & Co-Chair

  • Event Chair: Punnag Ghatak (Avente’s 1st Exco Strategic Development Deputy)

Genesis 2019 Department Heads

  • Operations Lead: Reshma Ishwarya Dogiparthy (Member of Avente Mentorship Programme)
  • Strategic Development Lead: Chua Siew Yin (Member of Avente Mentorship Programme)
  • Marketing Lead: Shi Shan
  • Programmes Lead: Jacob Toh

Genesis 2019 Organising Committee

  • Operations Department: Bernice, Svarnim,Hui Xuen (Member of Avente Mentorship Programme)
  • Strategic Development Department: Tricia, Tan Kar Chun (Member of Avente Mentorship Programme)
  • Marketing Department: Jie Min, Prishita
  • Programmes Department: Sze Ying, Pei Xuan. Haris (Member of Avente Mentorship Programme)

Avente 1st Exco 

  • Founders: KrishnaBhagirathDanial Leong, Yeo Boon Peng
  • Core Team: Lim Jia De, Maryann Se To, Pang Xiu Yuan
  • Marketing & Communications Department: Kayler Chong, Tan Ka Ling, Shaun Teo
  • Strategic Development: Phoebe Tan, Punnag Ghatak
  • Operations: Ong Yuan Qi, Gillian Lee, Giggson Tan

Thank you once again for your overwhelming support for our club!

Avente Exco

Avente Team

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