Our Events

We are continually committed to creating the most value for our clients, partners and student-consultants. To ensure this, we host multiple events throughout the year for our members to refine their skills and better understand SME’s needs.

Unábridged: Experience Digital

This is a sharing series introduced by SMU Avente Consulting, where industry experts are invited to share insights and perspectives on the overarching theme of digitalization.


Avente Welfare Day 2019

Established in January 2019, we are humbled by the strong support towards our young and growing club. Avente Welfare Day is organised to express our appreciation for our Consultant-Trainees and the SMU community. 

UOB-SMU Asian Enterprise Institute Case Competition 2019

The Avente Case Competition is our annual, signature school-wide case competition organised in conjunction with the UOB-SMU Asian Enterprise Institute.

SME Solution Tech Convention: Edge 2019

A first of its kind venture among Singapore universities, Edge 2019 is a tech solution convention and aims to serve as a platform to connect SME businesses to value-adding solution providers.

End of Year Networking Session: Genesis 2019

This End of Year Networking Session aims to celebrate the successes of our young and fast-growing club with all our curriculum partners, student-consultants and 1st Executive Committee.