SME Solution Tech Convention: Edge 2019

SME Solution Tech Convention: Edge 2019

Avente Consulting, in partnership with UOB-SMU Asian Enterprise Institute is proud to present Edge 2019: Ascend The New, a large-scale student organised convention that aims to serve as a platform to connect SMEs to value-adding solution providers and the young prospective workforce through exhibition booth interactions, panel discussions and keynote sessions. This event was highly ambitious as it was the first of its kind venture among Singapore universities to host a technology and digital convention.

Exhibition Booths

With a huge turnout from SME businsses owners, students and exhibitors, the convention successfully sparked meaningful conversations around innovative digital solutions that encourage SMEs to embrace fresh possibilities to upgrade their business competencies. Students also had the opportunity to connect with fast growing SMEs in Singapore, along with esteemed speakers and panelists. 

Welcome Address by Dr. Ang Ser Keng

We were honoured to have Dr. Ang Ser Keng (Member of the Board of Governors and Director of UOB-SMU AEI) for the welcome address where he shared key insights on digitalisation in the SME landscape and its future outlook.

Avente’s Executive Committee would like to extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to Dr. Ang Ser Keng, Ms. Vera Tan (Senior Assistant Director of UOB-SMU AEI) as well as the mighty team behind UOB-SMU AEI:

  • Chen Shan Shan – Manager
  • Lina Lee – Manager
  • Jennifer Leow Suyu – Manager
  • Eneida Tan Zhen Lin – Executive

With their unwavering support and guidance provided to us, we managed to organise a first of its kind SME event amongst Singapore Universities. We are thankful for their help and would like to express our appreciation to everyone in UOB-SMU AEI that made this possible. 

Opening Speech by Mr. Felix Tan (Co-Head of The FinLab)


Mr. Felix Tan, Managing Director of UOB’s Finlab

After the opening address, Mr. Felix Tan, Managing Director of UOB’s Finlab kickstarted the program with his perspectives and insights on the ASEAN digital economy. 

Panel Discussion – Digitalisation in the SME Landscape and Future Outlook

This was followed by an insightful panel discussion with digital business professionals and leaders from Grab, Experian, Elitez, and the CEO of Stashaway, moderated by our very own Dr Ang Ser Keng.

Keynote Speakers

To conclude, Oliver Houchin, Digital Transformation Director from Accenture, and Tramaine Teo, an experienced content marketing specialist, delivered absolute masterclasses on human-centered experience design and the power of branding respectively.

A Huge Thank You!

With a huge turnout of over 200 SME business owners and students, as well as 40 tech/digital exhibitors from companies such as Accenture, Oracle, UOB, Stashaway etc, the convention successfully ignited greater interest in the SME landscape for both students and tech firms alike. It also inspired the SMEs and students in attendance with forward-looking insights, and innovative, cutting-edge digital solutions that encourages them to embrace fresh possibilities to upgrade their business competencies in the ever changing business landscape.

With Edge 2019, we hoped it sparked meaningful conversations about what it truly means to thrive in the competitive and ever-changing SME business environment – to Ascend the New. 

Official Sponsors for Edge 2019

Appreciation to the amazing team behind Edge 2019

We would like to thank the event chairs, department heads, organising committee, and 1st Avente Exco who put this event together for us to bring together students, SMEs, industry experts and more to explore opportunities, learn, and engage in exciting discussions on the SME landscape and future.

Edge 2019 Chair & Co-Chair

  • Event Chair: Kayler Chong (Avente’s 1st Exco Marketing Director)
  • Event Co-Chair: Gillian Lee (Avente’s 1st Exco Events Director)

Edge 2019 Department Heads

  • Operations Lead: Muhammad Haris Lim Jun Chen (Member of Avente Mentorship Programme)
  • Strategic Development Lead: Marvin Lawrence (Member of Avente Mentorship Programme)
  • Marketing Lead: Lui Yu Qi (Member of Avente Mentorship Programme)
  • Programmes Lead: Xavier Tan

Edge 2019 Organising Committee

  • Operations Department: Wei Yang, Shreya, Saumya & Kimberly
  • Strategic DevelopmentUdhaav, Anin, Ray Gi
  • Marketing Department: Victoria, Lim Jia Min, Stephanie Chong (Members of Avente Mentorship Programme)
  • Programmes DepartmentQianying, Kristin, Vera, Wei Jia

Avente 1st Exco 

  • Founders: KrishnaBhagirathDanial Leong, Yeo Boon Peng
  • Core Team: Lim Jia De, Maryann Se To, Pang Xiu Yuan
  • Marketing & Communications Department: Kayler Chong, Tan Ka Ling, Shaun Teo
  • Strategic Development: Phoebe Tan, Punnag Ghatak
  • Operations: Ong Yuan Qi, Gillian Lee, Giggson Tan

Thank you once again for your support for our club!

Avente Exco

Avente Team

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