Unábridged: Experience Digital

Unábridged: Experience Digital

Unábridged: Experience Digital is a sharing series introduced by SMU Avente Consulting, where industry experts are invited to share insights and perspectives on the overarching theme of digitalization.


Unábridged 1: Our partner, Isentia brought down 6 insights analysts to cover topics such as search marketing, influencer marketing and video analytics.


Unábridged 2: In the second session, attendees were exposed to the working of SEO and Google Analytics, and had a collaborative hands-on exercise to practice their new Google Analytics skills.


Unábridged 3: A panel discussion with speakers from Digitas, Linkedin and Joe Escobedo gave an insight into the world of content marketing, and discussed various strategies to meet the growing customer expectations that brands are currently experiencing.


Unábridged 4: In our fourth session, Daniel Hochuli from Linkedin delved deeper into the world of Content Marketing by examining high-level strategy tasks through a variety of content archetypes. Attendees also had the opportunity to map these examples to a funnel with several social media practices.

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