The Covid-19 world has turned our traditional ways of working and living upside down. In partnership with UOB-SMU AEI, Avente Consulting focuses on helping SMEs adapt to the changing digital landscape. As such, digitizing welfare day by creating an online gamified platform that replicates the booths at our first welfare day seemed like the natural next step to show that we practice what we preach!

As soon as the magnitude of inconvenience arising from adhering to safety regulations in a Covid world became clear, many clubs this year chose to delay (or even cancel) events. In adapting to the new normal, Avente Consulting decided to go a step further and prove exactly how we unlock value through digital strategies. We are proud to share that Avente hosted SMU’s first-ever Virtual Welfare Day on 19 August 2020!

Virtual Welfare Day took place in the form of an online gamified platform that allowed students to interact with pixelated avatars and engage in informative mini games to find out about what the club has to offer. Through this virtual platform, we were able to break down the barriers of social distancing restrictions and reach out to a pool of students much greater than any physical event could have. Since virtual participation comes with more ease and convenience, we were able to accommodate a much higher attendance rate than ever before. This year, initial expectations were met and exceeded as we welcomed over 700 participants!

In collaboration with UOB-SMU Asian Enterprise Institute, we envisioned Virtual Welfare Day to become a revolutionary way to engage the student body by delivering unique type of content. Upon logging into the game, students play as pixelated avatars and essentially walk through a virtual welfare day. Our proud Gold (EzBuy, Avalon, YouTrip, Lim Kee) and Silver (Gelatissimo, Bifesta) sponsors were given custom “islands” on the online platform, each one entailing its own extraordinary journey.

If breaking down barriers wasn’t enough, Virtual Welfare Day also brought one of our most buzzworthy giveaways yet. In addition to winning a customizable welfare pack, students also stood a chance to win a new set of the latest Apple Airpods Pro by participating in our exclusive Instagram Giveaway competition. With over 400 entries, this became one of the biggest giveaways any academic clubs in SMU has seen yet!

Avente Virtual Welfare Day 2020 has set a great example of how digital solutions can truly break barriers in these unprecedented times.

Welfare Day 2020 Chairmen

  • Adrian Poh (Avente’s 2nd Exco People Strategy Director)
  • Benedict Cheng (Avente’s 2nd Exco Finance Director)
  • Svarnim Lakhotia (Avente’s 2nd Exco Associate Communications Director)

Welfare Day 2020 Organising Committee:

  • Marketing: Li Yee
  • Operations: Tarsilla, Tommy
  • Sponsorships: Shania, Rakshit, Celine

Avente Team

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